I have found in my hands the best communicator. Sometimes even better than speech.
I trully enjoy creating with clay. I have always felt confident about my link to matter; when I feel its soft and plastic tactility, clay sticks to my soul.
At the time I give shape to my works, my whole body gets contact with clay.
Not possible to predict the moment we come to terms, some place between gravity, my body and the body the clay wants to be. 
I lock myself in my studio and hours later, the clay surprises me, and also gives way.
The rest of the process just happens, you just have to risk and trust.
Glazing is another form of painting. It fascinates me to surrender to the unknown magic of the kiln.
In raw, I incorporate to my pieces other organic elements such as stones, wires, irons.
Once in bisque, I mix oxides, glaze, slips, pigments and lay them on the clay … making them slide and create amid the fire.

Diana en todas las pieles

Sed sólo en la de los vivos

Natura descarna

Ojos, piedras, alaridos

Belleza tiembla, osario afloja

Paja, verde, fresco, ríos

Golpe seco, zumbido

Silencio encogido.